Wouldn’t it be splendid to have a Car Free Day?

What do you think? Wouldn’t it be great to have 1 car free day, at least once a year. Just to show everyone how easy it is to still live without cars? Public transport of course would still be permitted but the idea would be for people to ride bikes and walk.

Lets say not all the island but maybe from Swieqi to Msida, or to Valletta?

This article is here to stay. We will develop this idea further with a public Poll, with the hopes of really implementing this.

Curious coincidence with Tenders at Malta Lands Authority

We noticed a very curious coincidence at Malta Lands Authority. This month had some of the most interesting tenders ever published by this authority however their website is completely unavailable and their phones unresponsive..

Following is an excerpt of what tenders were published on the 20th of November. We managed to get hold of this data through an automated response reader. Since then we were unable to get more information.

Of particular note are Advt. Nos 37 and 38.

We have been trying to get more information since the 22nd of November with no success, the site has actually been down and we did not get answers on various phone call attempts.

Curious indeed.

This is an example where they would tell you “Uwijja”.

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What does “Iva Mela” mean you ask!

What does “Iva Mela” mean you ask!

Yes sure I answer and then I see you staring back at me waiting for me to say something else! :-p

It does actually mean “Yes Sure”.. Iva is translated to Yes and Mela is Sure.

We called our site “iva mela” because its a typical Maltese saying and we wanted to have this online magazine or blog focused around Malta, understanding Malta and living in Malta, for Maltese and foreigners alike.

Here below we list some other common noteworthy Maltese sayings..

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